3’s – Fully Potty Trained

Three Year Old's

Our three year old classes use a combination of group circle time and center time to develop early learning skills.
Our curriculum includes:
• Daily Bible Stories and memory verses
• Language and Communication skills including manners
• Self –help skills such as hand washing
• Social and emotional skills such as sharing and conflict resolution
• Physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills
• Music and movement including finger plays and dance
• Beginning Math skills including counting and number recognition 1-20
• Alphabet letter recognition and beginning tracing skills. Phonetic awareness to prepare for early reading
• Creative art

Class Reviews


Avery Sullivan

At Inland Vineyard Preschool, children are exposed to a stimulating and faith-filled atmosphere. The teachers are passionate about providing a strong foundation for future academic success. The school's emphasis on character development and spiritual growth is particularly refreshing.

Cameron Torres

Inland Vineyard Preschool offers a unique blend of engaging curriculum and Christ-centered values. The teachers are not only skilled educators but also warm, caring individuals. The welcoming environment and comprehensive program make it an excellent choice for early childhood education.
  • Ratio: 12/1 Children/Teacher
  • 3.0- 3.8

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Enrolling your child at Inland Vineyard Preschool can provide them with a well-rounded education that prioritizes their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. The experienced faculty is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that caters to each child's individual needs. The state-of-the-art facility is designed with the safety and comfort of the students in mind. By choosing Inland Vineyard Preschool, you are giving your child an excellent opportunity to thrive and succeed.
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