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our program

Inland Vineyard Curriculum

At our Christian preschool, we believe that a child's spiritual growth is just as important as their academic, social and emotional growth. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with a strong foundation in Bible-based teachings, which we believe will help them develop a personal relationship with God. Our teachers are dedicated to providing age-appropriate academic instruction, and our program is designed to help children develop positive character traits. We also believe in hands-on learning, creative expression and social-emotional development. Our program is unique in that it also include family involvement and integrates faith in daily activities. We believe that the balance of spiritual, academic and personal development we offer sets us apart from other preschool programs and provides children with a well-rounded education. We would be happy to schedule a visit for you to see our program in action and answer any questions you may have.

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If you are interested in learning more about our program or how to enroll, call us: (951) 549-8396 or email: office@inlandvineyardpreschool.com