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Potty Training Classes

We offer two classrooms for Potty-training. Both classrooms have a student: teacher ratio of 11:1 with one other fully qualified teacher whose sole purpose is to assist the teachers throughout the day.

Young 2’s

This class is created for younger two year olds who are still getting used to a structured, preschool environment and/ or have little to no experience with using the potty. Two year olds are famous for their demands for independence. We, at Inland Vineyard Christian Preschool, wish to expand on that desire and assist the child in making their own responsible decisions by making available only positive choices. Academic curriculum is presented through sensory-rich mediums that will help the child learn about their world in an exploratory and fun, exciting way.

Three Year Old

Our pre-school program is designed for children who are fully potty-trained ages 3 to 4. We use Saxon Early Learning Curriculum which introduces the concepts of a calendar, alphabet/ phonics, and math in an academic/ developmental approach. Curriculum is aided with music and art to fully grasp the new concepts in a tactile and auditory way

Young 4’s

At Inland Vineyard Christian Preschool, we aim for all of our children to be fully prepared to enter kindergarten; socially, emotionally, and academically. For those children who benefit from another year of preschool, we offer a Young 4’s class. This class offers a curriculum that is a hybrid of the preschool and Pre-K curriculum. Subject- specific centers are introduced and writing skills are refined to fully prepare the students for amount of writing they will do in Pre-K and Kindergarten.


As a preschool, our goal is to fully prepare our students for the rigors of school –life whether it be in the public or private school systems. We are using the K12 T-K Embark Curriculum with our own additions to fully prepare your child for kindergarten. Our program includes daily academic worksheets, teacher-directed computer instruction, circle time, hands-on learning centers including science, math, social studies, creative art projects, music and movement, twice a week chapel, twice a week library, and once a week computer lab.

Each month our curriculum focuses on a different theme and includes lessons, activities and projects related to that particular theme. Parents are provided monthly newsletters that inform them of all the exciting things their child will be learning about that month.

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