We off a balance of academic and developmental activities that prepare your child to enter Kindergarten feeling successful in their learning skills.
Our curriculum includes:
• Daily Bible Stories and memory verses
• Language and Communication skills including manners, vocabulary, memorization
• Self –help skills that develop responsibility
• Social and emotional skills such as sharing and conflict resolution
• Physical activities to increase fine and gross motor skills
• Music and movement
• Math skills including counting, number recognition 1-30, matching and sequencing
• Alphabet letter recognition and writing skills. Phonetic awareness and early reading skills
• Creative art

Class Reviews


Everett Daniels

Inland Vineyard Preschool offers an enriching early education experience that combines academic excellence with spiritual guidance. The teachers are attentive and genuinely care about each child's individual needs. The website is well-designed and offers helpful insights into the school's philosophy and curriculum.

Lila Harrison

The faith-based environment at Inland Vineyard Preschool nurtures children's love for learning and spiritual growth. The dedicated staff and thoughtfully designed curriculum set the stage for a well-rounded educational experience. The website provides a clear overview of the school's mission and what parents can expect from this exceptional preschool program.
  • Ratio: 12/1 Children/Teacher
  • 4:0-5.0

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Enrolling your child at Inland Vineyard Preschool can provide them with a well-rounded education that prioritizes their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth. The experienced faculty is dedicated to creating a supportive environment that caters to each child's individual needs. The state-of-the-art facility is designed with the safety and comfort of the students in mind. By choosing Inland Vineyard Preschool, you are giving your child an excellent opportunity to thrive and succeed.
  • (951) 549-8396
  • 935 McKinley St, Corona, CA 92879
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